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During Bible time, there were many persecuted people for the sake of Jesus Christ. How about at the present day? Did any persecutions go away? The answer is 'No'. The number of persecutions at the present day is surprisingly more than 2000 years ago. On this page I will introduce dreadful facts to you. These articles below are not war or conflict. Not because these Christians harmed other people. This is persecution and it will not cease. However, the number of faithful saints who serve the Lord till their death keeps increasing.

A man in AP state, India in 2006

This man's ribs were broken. Suddenly some rioters rushed into his house when he had his daughter's birthday party. Those rioters kicked and punched him. They told him if he worships Jesus Christ, they will kill him, and left there.

The daughter in AP state, India in 2006

It supposed to be a day that her family makes some good memories. The rioters who broke her father's ribs broke 3 of her fingers and peeled her nails off. She's dreadfully in pain. However, she realized Jesus Christ carried all the pain for her on the Cross and through her faith she overcame.

A man in AP state, India in 2007

This man is a pastor in a village. He was beaten for 3 hours and was hospitalized. Rioters accused him of one who believed foreign god. However, after he was healed, he started evangelizing people and now he has new churches. The Lord is blessing him.

In AP state in 2005

3 pastors on growing churches were the target. Rioters had planned this case deceitfully. Since this murder case was so atrocious, it was written on local newspapers.

In Indonesia in 2009

Roof of this church building was destroyed. When it rains, everything gets soaked so church members can't use this building right now. Although they fix the roof, rioters will destroy it again. However, no one can destroy the church of God that was build in truth.


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