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Love, Forgiveness, and Power
These three gifts are for all of you from God.

There is only one word 'AI' in Japanese,but there are several words for love in Greek,which the New Testament was written in. Such as;

1. Love for the opposite gender
2. Love for family
3. Love for friends, and so on.

These loves are necessary for all of us and everyone has them, but the most important is unconditional love which is Agape (God's love).

Some people think we are not sinners so we don't need to be forgiven. The Bible said all of us have sinned so we need to be forgiven. This forgiveness is given by the cross of Jesus Christ. What we need to do is just believe.

There are 2 aspects of Power. One aspect of the power transforms us. Our will and efforts to change ourselves is limited. But God has a power to change us. The other one is a supernatural power which heals our heart, body, mind, and works.


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