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From non-believers

Q、Isn't the novel and movie "The Da Vinci Code" contradict the Bible?
A、I would like to make sure that "The Da Vinci Code" fictional. (My wife read it and she said it was an exciting story.) The mystery hidden in the painting "the Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci sets the stage for the rest of the novel, but the painting doesn't show historical fact. It is excellent art work but in fact, people didn't have meals on a table at that time. Jesus and disciples reclined on the floor, in the shape of the katakana letter "ko", and had bread and wine.
A well written novel itself is not bad, but truth shouldn't be influenced by fiction. It is not unusual than a TV program, movie, novel, folk tale, or mythology, is a parody of truth.

Q、Is Christmas really a birthday of Jesus Christ?
A、First of all, Jesus Christ was not born on 25th of December. In Rome, there was a religion which worshiped the sun as god. Christians of that time taught Romans that the sun is necessary for human beings, but there is God who created the sun. As a result, many Romans became Christians. Since their festival that worshiped the sun was held on 25th of December, this day changed to the day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who was written the Sun of Righteousness in the Bible.

Q、Is it improper to celebrate Christmas on 25th of December?
A、How they apprehend the date, 25th of December, varies from church to church. One of the ideas is for everyone to know that this day is Christmas to let many people know the true meaning of Christmas which gives dreams to children and families. In fact, many people go to church on this day although they are unconcerned usually.
Another idea is we should be aware of the birth of Christ in everyday life not only on this day.
When we read the Bible, both ideas are not improper.
In Romans Chapter 14, it says that first seek the Lord, God. It is important both man who considers one day more sacred another and another who considers every day alike. The most important thing is to know the true meaning of Christmas that is Jesus Christ came to this world as a small and meek baby although He is God.

From Christians

Q、I want to know plans God has for my life, and whether my decisions are truly our Lord's will or not.
A、First of all, you should make sure that your decision is from the Bible or not. Then, when you pray to God, carefully examine whether you have peace or conviction in your heart. To figure out if your decisions are the Lord's or not, is just like how you would try to cross an ice-covered lake. First, you put one foot on the ice-covered lake. Next, put your weight on the foot. If the ice doesn't break, put your foot on it and do the same thing. This is an example of how to advance step by step prayerfully through your decisions. When you have a broad implication in your life, ask if it is sign from God in addition to these 2 things above. The revelation (vision, voice, true prophecy, and so on) from the Lord will be given to you and a way opens in front of you. God's plan is as different as our fingerprints. Sometimes you are not accepted or not appreciated by others. In some situation, you shouldn't be emotional. Don't compare yourself with others. God's plan for you doesn't change by other peoples evaluations. If you realize that you moving away from the path of God, you need to go back. God's plan isn't fulfilled by being contrary or justification. It is important to have a faith in the Lord's plan itself and humbly follow it.


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