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"Church on the Rock" was not started by a missionary organization or man's agenda and assist, but instead, it was started by receiving God's vision and voice. This experience seemed like conceiving a new life in a mother's womb. I received God's vision and word in August, 1994. I didn't talk anyone about this experience and waited a sign from God. The vision and word were interpreted by a prophecy from a man of God who came from Sri Lanka in October, 1994. Our ministry was started in a small room and a church was born by overwhelming anointing from God on 26th of May, 1996, the day of Pentecost. The place of Sunday service had been changed several times but right now we are in Nakanoshima, Sapporo city. The door to India was opened by a miraculous way and the vision and word from God were fulfilled. Our ministry has been stepping forward with wonders and miracles since churches were born in India in December, 1997. New ministry will be started in Indonesia from 2009.

God is the Spirit, the Creator, and the Eternity. In the only God there are 3 hypostases, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Bible
The Bible is consisted of 66 books and was written through inspiration from God.

Repent our sins, Accept Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sin, and Proclaim Jesus as a Savior. Salvation is grace and gift from God.

Christians are the ones who are born again, believe Jesus with their heart (not by their knowledge), and walk in the Spirit.

Church is not a building but a group of Christians. All Christians are the body of Christ.

What we believe
Past We are saved when we believe Jesus Christ as our Savior.
Present We are renewed by the Holy Spirit every day.
Future Jesus Christ will come again and we will be glorified.

Heresy believes a false Jesus Christ which is not written in the Bible and a different gospel. Heresy denies the Trinity and the truth that the Bible is the Word of God. Heresy teaches people are saved by good deeds, not only by faith.

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